The school has a state-of the-art infrastructure that is necessary for a twenty first century school. Learning in the well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography will be a unique experience. In order to develop creativity, skills, scientific outlook and temperament in students and encourage the spirit of quest, innovation, discovery and invention in them , the school has established a Science Park, a Skill Development Centre and an Innovation and Design Lab.

English and Hindi language laboratories have been established to develop communication skills, including public speaking, of our learners.

Our digital English Language Lab is fitted with ultra-modern audio-visual systems. Its authentic materials and software of natural English provide excellent training in accent neutralization and correct pronunciation, including stress and intonation.

Here the learners can prepare and practise for ASL and various international examinations of English.

Nevertheless, at RWA, we believe the real language lab is the world in which our children communicate in real life situations.


This is an age of ecological awareness and conservation. To make the learners value the importance of flora and fauna in human life and make them responsible users of eco-systems and natural resources, the school has established a bio diversity park which consists of a spacious Green House and a chain of aesthetically designed botanical gardens.

This great facility will make the study of Biology, Botany and Horticulture a rewarding experience for our learners

This is a digital age driven by Computers and Information Technology. Keeping this in mind, we have made all possible arrangements to provide updated and useful computer and IT knowledge and skills to our learners, including the skills of coding, application development, games development through the latest computers that are
networked, secure and Wi-Fi enabled.

We envisage a learning environment that will be fully digital and gadget driven soon and we are all geared to adopt that change. Our top priority is to make our learners highly techno-savvy so that they are on a par with any international school student in the world. The school has launched facilities for videoconferencing, interactive smart screen and boards, biometry, SMS alerts, and online lessons. All these facilities, however, will not replace a real human teacher


The school library is a temple of learning where knowledge is stored in thousands of books, both printed and digital. Scores of newspapers and magazines are there to keep our learners abreast with the latest news and other developments in the world.
Of course not all books are meant for adding to their knowledge alone. Many are there just to provide pleasure and entertainment and many more are there to make them better human beings. Then there are books that help them prepare for success in examinations.
At present, the library is sufficiently equipped with a wide variety of rare books, encyclopaedias, journals and reference material.
It has a rich collection of more than 10000 standard books, 20 periodicals, a great number of e-books, plenty of atlases and a large number of educational audio-video DVD’s on diverse subjects for in-depth studies.
In addition to the study material book fairs, meet and greet events, storytelling events, creative writing competitions and literary symposiums are held to promote love for literature, and reading for pleasure and knowledge.


The school has a Literary Club to inculcate writing and reading habits in learners and teachers as well. And to promote creative writing, the school publishes a quarterly newsletter that serves both a literary magazine and a chronicle of school activities.


The school has a tastefully designed and spacious amphitheatre that can accommodate more than 500 guests.
The school also has a fully air conditioned Auditorium with proper acoustics for all indoor functions, events and meets.


The school offers well-furnished Staff Apartments to the families of teachers and other staff members. Besides this, the school also has an ultra-modern Guest House along with several suites for the visiting eminent dignitaries and guests.


The school cafeteria provides hygienically prepared nutritious refreshment at reasonable prices. The Cafeteria has well- designed and landscaped indoor and
outdoor sitting facilities for comfortable dining.