World Class Campus

Beautiful landscaped, state-of-the-art and environment friendly campus with vast playgrounds, tastefully designed classrooms, labs, library, amphitheatre, auditorium and gym with CCTV surveillance and Wi-Fi.

Guest House and Staff Apartments

Air-conditioned Guest House for visiting dignitaries and modern apartments for staff.

Drinking Water:

Round the clock supply of safe-drinking water filtered with RO and cooled with high-capacity refrigerators for the scholars and the staff.

Modern Toilets

Ultra-modern, user friendly world class toilets with minimal environmental impact.

Sustainable Environment:

Unique facility of harvesting rainwater to charge underground water resources, water recycling, sewage treatment plant and solar water-heating and solar power plant to ensure a greener and more sustainable environment.

Smart Classes:

State-of-the-art classroom technology for a more personalised and self-directed learning with an emphasis on self and peer assessment and evaluation and remedial support and intervention.

Hobbies and Skill Development

Ultra-modern facilities for the promotion of innovation and the development of academic and life-skills—Kids’ Kingdom, language lab, robotics, innovation and design studio, subject specific labs and a designated hobby centre with training facilities for Fine Arts and Music.

Leadership and Social Responsibility

Scouts, Cubs & Bulbuls to inculcate the essential virtues of courage, character and camaraderie.


Top class facilities for various indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Shooting, Aerobics Swimming & Squash along with Gymnasium for fitness. International standard outdoor sports facilities for Football, Volley ball, Skating, Lawn Tennis, Cycling & Athletics.

Other Features

  • Guidance and Counselling by experts to assist adolescent pupils in identifying and using their potential
  • Well-furnished Staff Apartments, Activity Hall, Hygienic Cafeteria & Tight Security
  • .High powered generator set to supply nonstop electricity during power break downs or load-shedding.
  • Sufficient provision for specialization in Music, Dramatics, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Dance, Communication Skills, etc.