We make earnest endeavours to infuse into our budding knowledge-crazy students the infallible Indian, sacred, cultural and ethical values in order to give them the correct perspective and evaluation of life. Rishikul attracts students from all parts of Delhi and aims at helping them in discovering their hidden potential in a healthy atmosphere. The School aims at making the students perfect, disciplined, dynamic and ideal citizens. Hence, the co- curricular and extra-curricular activities are so designed as to teach the students sound moral values. The choicest fruit of knowledge available in our culture and tradition is further instilled into the students’ mindset and is further supplemented with the knowledge that suits the contemporary needs.


To make the students sufficiently cultured, informed and dynamic individuals, all the students are divided into Four Houses; namely Agni, Jal , Vaayu, Prithavi . Students are encouraged to participate in various academic, cultural and sports activities designed as per their varied instinctive likings and interests conducted Housewise.

Agni           –          Energetic Leaders
Vaayu        –          Euphoric Leaders
Jal             –          Enthusiastic Leaders
Pritavi        –          Elite Leaders