Dear Students, Parents and Teachers

Rishikul World Academy is a dream come true for me and we are grateful to God and our Founder Patron Shri S K Sharma for their blessings and guidance in the realization of this dream.

When education is offered by a group of educationists, people’s expectations are naturally very high. They expect quality, they expect values and they expect worth. At RWA, we will make our sincerest efforts to meet all the expectations of our pupils..

We will share their dreams, we will walk with them on their chosen path to success and we will support them reach their goals in life.

We aim to prepare our pupils for the challenges of personal, social and professional life through a school programme that provides global exposure; is smart technology driven and is compassionately delivered. In doing so, we will spot, nurse and
nurture leaders of the future in all walks of life—leaders who will be men and women of strong characters with lasting personal, social, national and international values.

We believe in the uniqueness of every single learner. Therefore, we will do our best to facilitate the preservation and progression of that uniqueness. At the same time, we will identify all that is common and good in all and encourage its growth too.

When our little scholars turn young, they will have to take on the responsibilities and challenges of the adult world around them. They will have jobs and businesses to do, organisations to run, decent and dignified lives to live, certain rights to enjoy and some duties to perform even as they live in harmony with others as responsible citizens of the world. We wish to provide to them such attributes, values and skills as will equip and prepare them for that certain yet so unpredictable future.

RWA is going to be a twenty-first century school for the twenty-first century kids who will have opportunities to cultivate key skills popularly known as the 6 C’s—Communication, Collaboration, Connectivity, Creativity, Culture and Critical Thinking.
And to realize this lofty mission, we humbly seek your best wishes, trust, support and cooperation.

Thank you!
Neeraj Sharma