1. Fees are to be deposited on the quarterly basis by 2 pm on working days only. The details are as follows:


Quarter Months Last Date
First April – June 10 April 
Second July – September 10 July 
Third October – December 10 October 
Fourth January – March 10 January 
  1. Any delay in depositing the fee will entail a fine of Rupees 20/- per day for 15 days. Beyond this, it will result in the automatic removal of the student’s name from the school rolls
  2. Expenses on clothes, books, stationery, maintenance of personal belongings, transport facilities, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc. will be borne by parents
  3. Fees can be paid in cash or through a D.D./an Accounts Payee Cheque drawn in favour of the Chairman, Rishikul World Academy Sonepat
  4. Fee once deposited is neither refunded nor adjusted in any case
  5. Fees are charged from April irrespective of the date of admission
  6. Parents should collect the receipt for every payment of fee and other miscellaneous charges they pay to the school through any means.
  7. The school fee will be charged for the entire span of twelve months irrespective of the date of admission to the school
  8. The school and transport fees are charged for the entire span of twelve months but realized in four quarterly instalments. If a child stops availing transport facilities in between a session he/she will have to pay fee for the whole year