School Rules

  1. Particulars of a child will remain the same as mentioned in the DOB Certificate & SLC issued by the previous school according to the DOB/CBSE rules
  2. Throughout his/her stay in the school, a student will be governed by the Strict Code of Discipline of the school
  3. Any damage to the school property caused due to negligence or mischief shall have to be compensated by the violator. The quantum of such damage done shall be determined by the Principal for the payment purposes
  4. Retention of any unauthorized and unlawful material is strictly prohibited on the school campus
  5. Fine will be imposed on the students for violating the school norms e.g. coming to school without wearing the prescribed uniform, not bringing books/notebooks, coming late, remaining absent, not speaking English, etc.
  6. An act of indiscipline may lead to expulsion of the child from the school
  7. A student admitted to the school shall stay with his parents in Sonepat city. No student who commutes from a remote area or stays in a rented room in the city will be allowed to continue in this institution
  8. Change of subjects and section is not permissible in any case
  9. If a child’s name is struck off the school roll for any reasons and he/she rejoins the school or recreational or sports clubs, etc in an academic year, he/she will have to pay readmission charges along with the fee / charges of gap months.
  10. The school shall not be responsible for any mishap on account of some natural calamities like earthquake, flood, fire, etc. However, training in disaster management is given regularly
  11. The school shall not be responsible for any injury received by the student while undertaking any academic or extra curricular activities in or out of the school e.g. Theory & Practical Exam, Sports, Trips & Tours, Transport, etc, nor shall it bear any expenses incurred thereupon. Morever, the parents shall bear the expenses incurred on medical facilities, transportation / accommodation / costume or any other domain for participation in any competition / activity held anywhere
  12. The parents shall bear all the charges of correspondence & phone calls made to them on behalf of their child by the school. Moreover, they are supposed to report to School at the earliest, if desired by the school authorities
  13. The school strictly condemns extra coaching/ tuition/ professional coaching, etc.
  14. The parents must confirm the reliability of the outside transport provider before arranging transport for their child. The school shall not be responsible for it in any case.
  15. Any delay in depositing the fee will entail a fine of Rs. 20/-per day for 15 days after 10th of each month. Beyond this, it will result in the automatic removal of the student’s name from the school rolls
  16. Irrespective of the date of admission to the school, the school and transport fees are charged for the entire span of twelve months but realized in four quarterly installments. If a child stops availing transport facilities in between a session, he/she will have to pay fees for the whole year. Morever, the School fee doesn’t include any security or insurance.
  17. The school rules can be modified at any point during an academic session without any prior information and these modified rules will be applicable to all old and new admission
  18. All disputes arising out of any clash with the School Authorities shall be filed within the territorial jurisdiction of Sonepat only. Note: The Principal’s decision is final and irrevocable in the matter of admission and during stay of a child at school