Education is a tool which transforms an individual into a respectable member of the society and trains the individual to learn how to adjust and excel in life. Good Education makes good citizens for the development of motherland.

We at Rishikul Vidyapeeth Alipur strive for excellence in every sphere of life. Thus, preparing students to meet all the challenges in this competitive world by creating opportunities for them to learn in a highly academic and competitive atmosphere. We aim to educate the children to enable them to explore and utilize their potential up to the maximum to withstand real life challenges when they pursue their chosen fields. We are also determined to globalize the education by organizing Students’ and Teachers’ Exchange Programmes with various schools of leading countries of the world.

We teach the students to be morally upright, physically fit and emotionally strong by conducting a wide range of activities. We develop the sense of respect for self, elders and society among them. We are committed to create harmony on mother earth by infusing social values, concern for justice, optimism and a global vision in all the students.