The education policy of a nation reflects the socio-economic structure and strength. The education set up transforms the raw stuff into polished and socialised community. We have been blessed with our ancient educational philosophies that make the basis for the modern day education system which aims at holistic development of an individual. I am of the opinion that merely imparting information does not serve the purpose of education unless it is clubbed with physical, social, emotional and psychological growth of a scholar.

Every child has been bestowed on some innate qualities. The ultimate need is to extract and hone the latent talents. We, at Rishikul, have designed the school curriculum in such a manner that the students’ skills of variety are properly and professionally engineered and exposed by incorporating observational instruments and ability enhancement techniques. Teaching through experiential and collaborative approach and play way activities has been proved extraordinarily impeccable.

Rishikul Vidyapeeth Alipur Delhi asserts its commitment to instill values in its students that will pave a new way in the students’life. We are certain to reach our goal of giving the nation the children who are academically brilliant, physically strong, morally upright, psychologically sound and extremely talented.