School Rules


A complete 100% attendance is desirable. Leave or absence can be granted only in case of serious illness or eventuality or the marriage of a real brother or sister or any emergency, on the production of a valid document. Parents are advised not to insist on obtaining leave for their children except when it is absolutely necessary.

  1. Parents/Guardians/Students are expected to sincerely adhere to all the existing rules and regulations of the school which may be modified from time to time. In case of a dispute, the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on them.
  2. Throughout his/her stay in the school, a student will be governed by the strict code of discipline of the school and any breach of it may lead to his/her immediate expulsion from the school.
  3. Smoking, consumption & possession of alcoholic drinks and narcotics illicit literature, mobile phones on the premises of the school are strictly prohibited. Any violation of it can invite a strict disciplinary action.
  4. Every student shall always carry his/her Identity Card with him/her for any random identification purposes to check any illegal infilteration.
  5. Students’ participation in all the functions and activities of the school is compulsory.
  6. All the students shall converse only in English on the school premises
  7. All the students shall attend the school in properly ironed uniform.
  8. Any damage to the school property, caused by negligence or deliberate mischief shall have to be compensated by the defaulter. The quantum of such damage shall be determined by the Principal for the purpose of recovery of the loss.
  9. Possession of any unauthorized reading material is strictly prohibited on the school campus.
  10. A fine will be imposed on the students for violating the school norms e.g. coming to school without wearing the prescribed uniform, not bringing books/notebooks, causing any damage to the school property, coming late, remaining absent, using derogatory language or bullying etc.
  11. No student is allowed to come to school by bike or car if he/she does not possess a valid driving license.
  12. Change of subject and section is not permissible in any case.
  13. Parents must reach the school immediately on receiving the telephone call from the school in case of any emergency or a complaint against their child/children.
  14. If a child’s name is struck off the school rolls for any reason and he/she rejoins the school in an academic year, he/she will have to pay readmission charges along with the fee of gap months.
  15. The school shall not be responsible for any injury received by the student while undertaking any academic or co-curricular activity in or outside the school e.g. Practical Exams, Sports, Trips & Tours, etc nor shall it bear any expenses incurred thereupon.
  1. People carrying arms or harmful substances shall not be allowed to enter the school premises in any case. Medical and lab supplies are exempted.
  1. If any parent wants that no other person should meet his/her child without his/her consent, a written application for the same will have to be submitted to the Principal at the time of admission.
  1. The parents shall bear all the charges of correspondence & phone calls made to them on behalf of their child by the school. Moreover, they are supposed to report to the school at the earliest if desired by the school authorities.
  1. The school may send an SMS or an e-mail to the parents regarding any information about the children so as to seek their cooperation to monitor the children for their smooth progress.
  1. The parent has to submit a copy of his/her child’s yearly medical health checkup report and an incidental/accidental policy receipt to the class teacher concerned at the time of admission.
  1. Aptitudes, capabilities and interests do vary from person to person. Hence, a child’s academic performance should never be compared with that of others. However, the school puts in its sincerest efforts for an all round development of students.
  1. The school authorities shall not be held responsible for public/ private transport used by a student.
  2. The parents must confirm the reliability of the private transport provider before arranging transport for their child. The school shall nor be responsible for arrangement of private transport in any case.
  1. According to the CBSE rules, the particulars of a child will remain the same as mentioned in the SLC issued by the previous school. All the students shall follow the school dress code in letter and  spirit.
  1. An act of indiscipline may lead to expulsion of the child from the school.
  2. The school shall not be responsible for any mishap on account of any natural calamity like earthquake, flood, fire, etc. However, the training in disaster management is imparted regularly.
  1. The school strictly condemns the practice of extra coaching, tuition, professional coaching, etc.
  2. The school rules can be modified at any point of time during an academic session without any prior information and these modified rules will be applicable to all old and new admissions.
    1. All disputes arising out of any reason with the School Authority shall be filed within the territorial jurisdiction of local area only.
    2. Training in disaster management is compulsory for the student.
    3. The parents are advised to get medical insurance of their wards.
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