About the school


A child’s mind is among God’s most wonderful creations, and it develops most harmoniously in natural surroundings. This onerous but most rewarding task requires extreme care and patience. At Rishikul Vidyapeeth Gohana Road Sonepat, we strive to create just the right environment for this noble task.

Our aim is to facilitate a holistic growth of the children in our care through a sensitive, affectionate and personalized care in an atmosphere that is as natural as it can get in an urban centre. Under the care of our highly trained and passionate staff, our children direct their own learning and growth in all spheres of life. Our schooling programme is pragmatically learner-centred.

We aim to train our pupils to be men and women of exceptional character that is full of discipline, dynamism, dedication and idealism. Therefore, the scholastic and the co- scholastic activities of our school curricula are so designed as to encourage eager participation of all the learners in the mammoth task of instilling in them sound personal, social, national and international values that will shape their character and personality accordingly.

We also aim to see them grow into young men and women who possess sound mental and physical health. The choicest fruit of knowledge that our culture and traditions yield is brought to its ‘mellow fruitfulness’ in the twenty-first century environment.