Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert


  • Students of Rishikul Vidyapeeth Gohana Road Sonepat are provided with professional Guidance – cum – counselling by top – notch career experts. The Career Guidance Programme is run for students for classes VI to X.
    Good career planning is must for opting a particular profession. Awareness of ‘True’ motivation, aspiration, strengths, likes & dislikes, limitations and weaknesses are essential. This awareness must be as specific as possible. It must be backed by sincere efforts and achievements alongwith desirable change in behavioural patterns and if required, supplemented by objective test results (only by qualified and experienced Counsellors).
    When a student chooses a career, he has to consider the following things from life – power, money, status, discipline, command or challenge. Interest in the job is absolutely vital for growth in any profession.

  • The School duly recognizes the involvement of parents in the education process of their children. The rapport with the parents is established by :

    • Providing regular counselling for students
    • Organising periodic Parent-Teacher Meet
    • Discussing the performances of children at the end of every exam
    • Inviting parents on special functions
    • Sending academic/medical report of children
    • Getting signature on their word’s diary


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