The student admitted to the school is supposed to follow all rules and regulations of the school. If he/she violates them, he/she will face strict disciplinary action.

  • not damage school property
  • not remain absent from the school/class
  • not bring a cellphone to the school/class
  • not bring any costly article
  • not bring sharp-edged and injury causing articles
  • not use harsh and abusive language
  • not bring any objectionable material like magazine, CD, cracker, colour, etc.
  • not come late to school
  • not use unfair means in exams
  • not get involved in any form of violence
  • not bring more than Rs. 50/- as pocket allowance
  • not use any intoxicant
  • wear the proper school uniform
  • bring all his/her books and notebooks to the school
  • wear the identity card

A student must: