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" I am happy to have the opportunity to serve in such a magnificent school and to look forward to helping pave the way for a bright and successful future for Rishikul. Whether you are new to Rishikul School or have been a part of our community for some time, I invite you to participate with us as we prepare our students for the future."

Mr S.K Sharma

At every step we learn a new lesson that fills our life with an unparalleled vision and new possibilities. With a view to groom the nascent children to be responsible and pragmatic citizens of tomorrow, the school, since its inception, has been making earnest efforts. To achieve this aim, we have vowed to crave for achieving an overall growth of our students besides shaping their impressionable minds for the cause of service to the humanity. Rishikul World Academy has become a synonymous of 'Realization of BIG DREAMS'. Here, every moment of life is a new beginning which brings with it boundless joy of new possibilities. Hopefully, our dreams will take bigger shapes in future and we shall prove ourselves worthy of being 'Dream Realizers'

Mr Neeraj

Every child is a unique individual with different needs and a variety of inherent talents. If nurtured in a proper manner, he can be groomed into a Future Leader who can influence the world. Indian moral values with modern technological tools used in modern teaching-learning process can do miracles and may result in a 360° growth of a child.

Therefore, we, at RISHIKUL, provide the young learners with a soothing diversion from humdrum routines and offer them some real opportunities to devour the enticing modules that promote not only holistic development but also make them morally upright and psychologically strong.

Besides, the global educational phenomenon adopted by the school transcends all linguistic and geographical diversities in order to broaden the vision of children and authenticate their cognizance through participation in various international activities that promote world peace, global harmony, universal brotherhood, sustainable growth, etc. Education at the school now recognises the importance of fulfilling global needs. It is the need of time to transform the children into Global Citizens following the maxim of VASUDHAIVE KUTUMBAKAM.

Ms Reema Sharma


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