The following measures will be adopted to maintain discipline:

  • Oral Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Counselling
  • Detention
  • Fine
  • Issue of White & Red Card
  • Expulsion from class and school activities along with the issue of Red Card

White Card: A White Card is issued to a student who remains absent from the school continuously for three or more days without informing the school authorities or comes late to school.

Red Card: A Red Card is issued to a student who indulges in unlawful activities on the school premises. The issue of three Red Cards will lead to immediate suspension from the school.

In case the child is involved in any case of damage to the school property, his/her parents will have to pay for the damages equal to the quantum of loss.

If a child is found possessing a mobile phone, intoxicating material, injury causing article, obscene literature or using abusive/foul language, he shall be expelled from the school.