• Fee is charged from the First of April irrespective of the date of admission
  • The School fee is annual and charged on quarterly basis
  • Fee is to be deposited by 2 pm on working days
  • Last date of fee submission is 10th of every month.
  • Any delay in depositing the fee will entail a fine of Rs 10/- per day which will be charged after 15th day of the month. Beyond this, it will result in an automatic removal of the student’s name from the School rolls
  • Parents will exclusively bear the student’s expenses on clothes, books, stationery and maintenance or any other curricular or co-curricular activity he/she participates in
  • Fee/charges once deposited is/are neither refunded nor adjusted in any case
  • The fees do not include any refundable security or insurance


Quarter Months Last Date
First April – June 10 April
Second July – September 10 July
Third October – December 10 October
Fourth January – March 10 January
  • Expenses on Uniform, books, stationery, maintenance of personal belongings, participation in co-curricular activities, etc will be exclusively borne by parents.
  • Fees are charged from the month of April, irrespective of the date of admission, for the entire span of twelve months.
  • The parents should collect the receipt for every payment of fee and other miscellaneous charges they make over the fee counter or elsewhere on the school campus.
  • The school fee does not include any refundable security or insurance.
  • Fee once deposited is neither refunded nor adjusted in any other account under any circumstances.